Proudly Made in the USA.
A proprietary blend of domestic raw materials, firing, and hand assembly all take place at the factory in Tucker, Georgia. Primo is extremely proud of the American ingenuity and craftsmanship that is put into each of their ceramic grills. Other major ceramic grill companies purchase their grills from foreign companies, so they have no day-to-day quality control of the manufacturing process of their grills.

The Perfect Grill for Couples to Caterers.
Any Primo Ceramic Grill can be used to easily cook a single meal, and it only takes 15 minutes to get up to grilling temperature. With the ability to separate your firebox, you can efficiently grill or smoke foods on one half of the grill and conserve your charcoal usage. With up to 680 square inches of cooking space on the Oval XL grill, there's enough space to cook for 25 or more people. There's a Primo to fit your cooking needs, whether it's large or small.

The One. The Only. True Oval.
The Primo Oval offers true two-zone simultaneous direct and indirect cooking. That means you get two very distinct cooking zones; it;s just like using a grill and an oven at the same time. Grill steaks on the direct side and roast seafood or vegetables to perfection on the indirect side. No round grill offers so much versatility. The reversible cooking grids, heat deflector plates, extension racks, and other accessories allow you to create more than 69 different cooking configurations. No other grill offers so much versatility.

Primo Grills

From the flagship Jack Daniel's Edition Oval XL 400, to the classic round Kamado, there is a Primo designed to fit everyone's outdoor cooking needs.

Primo Tables

The opportunities are plentiful for a mobile station to house your Primo Ceramic Grill. Or, the Primo Grill can be built-in to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

Primo Accessories

Primo offers a wide variety of accessories so that you can take full advantage of the versatility of your Primo grill, and to ensure your food tastes great!

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